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Top Secret


Blue DesignS

Loren Smith and his wacky world of bits and Pieces. Would you like to know more?... just explore the site. You might learn something about nothing and vice versa. Anyway this is my first website design and thought I would play around a little.

Loren Smith
YO Adrian! ala LA

The One-way Bathroom
Could you take a Dump in here?

There is mostly pictures and information that is really cool from cars to girls to weird and wacky and back to architecture. Since I am an architecture student I am educated though some of you may think not. I enjoy all the finer things in life as well as the not so fine. Does this make sense yet? It shouldn't because when I get on a roll there is no telling where I am heading!

This plane was Top Secret but now everybody know about it.

Please feel free to hack the site, since I am the only one using it and hardly any one will visit it. Or if it does seem to get busy for no reason at all leave it be and we can all enjoy a little of the middle missed unused entertainments of my life and maybe your too.